Web solution

Improved the machine learning model for the mileage log, now it’s even more precise to start and stop for each user. 

Updated IGT with more GPS trackers, primary tools that move less, containers etc.  The trackers have diverse functions, e.g. solar panels, magnetic mount, rechargeable etc.

Opened up for mass allocation of tools.

As part of the new interface users can now save more pictures of tools. With searchable gallery.

Historisation of position history. 

Overview map for all tools, projects, cars etc. Included drill-down function. This is made to get a more graphical presentation of tools.

Active GPS tracking is now available, additionally scanning of barcodes and NFC beacons from the phone. 

Fields where u can add links to user manual.
Slideshow of tools sertificates or approval documents

You can now give a report about the tools condition: good, medium or bad. You can also write notes if wanted. You can also get a report for all tools with bad condition.
Picture of certificates/approval documents for tools.

Added the function that administrator can allocated tool to project from tool detail window. 
Included the possibility to set «allocated to» date.

App solution

No updates.

Updated Android app with new requirements from Google.

Mass allocation is also included in the app.

As part of the new interface users can now save more pictures of tools. With searchable gallery.

The search function in app is improved. When you search after a specific tool, it will be sorted by distance from where you stand to the tools position. And also if its available or not. 

Diverse ytelsesforbedringer samt tilpasning til krav fra både Apple og Google.

Utvidet kartfunksjonaliteten i app’ene.

Posisjonsdata også fra GPS sporingsenhet tas inn i rapportering også i app slik at man har oversikt også på utstyr med aktiv GPS sporing i app.

Links to user manual can now be found in the tools section.
Upload and image display of tools certificate and approval documents.
Upload and image display of tools

Scan tools with NFC beacons. The App don’t have to be open to read a NFC beacon. For IOS the functionality works from Iphone 7 and newer. Android works for almost all versions. 

Multiscan is included

You can now see «allocated to» date for the tool.

La inn mulighet for å se «allokert til» dato for verktøy