In Develop, we have been working closely with companies in many industries for many years. This has provided us with insight into how it is to run companies with employees spread across many geographical locations and where a challenge is also to handle both expensive and cheaper equipment.

Practice varies from company to company, in some places the employee is financially responsible for loss of equipment, elsewhere that is not the case, but overall there will be damage and lost of equipment must be replaced in one way or another.  Maybe you deem it more important to reduce the time spent on something as easy as finding the right tool at the right time, without having to organize a search action that stops work on the mission you are actually being paid to execute.  Whatever the reason for reduced momentum and whoever has to pick up the bill, it always costs money in the end. Money that could very often be spent on something else, and better.

In our projects, with different companies in different industries, often the question of how to get better control of the equipment has surfaced. And often the conclusion is that inventory management solutions are too expensive to buy, too costly to implement and too costly to operate. In addition, they are too difficult to use in daily, operational work.

Why Gadget Tracker ™

The world is changing. Smart phones are common, solutions can be kept in the cloud and the pressure on margins has not decreased with globalization and automation. So we talked to our customers, brought home with us new experiences, and concluded that we can make a software solution that is affordable to use, requires no consideration on your part regarding running environment and that is easy to use for those who, after all, will have to execute the job of keeping track of all the equipment you have invested in. This gives you easy overview of the equipment you have, the responsibility for the individual assets is clear and consequently, money can be saved.

Enterprises we’ve talked to, from small to large, all tell that they offset considerable funds to replace lost equipment every year. With Develop’s Inventory Gadget Tracker ™ this can be reduced considerably.

Geographical position service in Gadget Tracker

Develop’s Inventory Gadget Tracker ™  utilizes, not unnatural, GPS tracking actively.  The GPS obviously is there to report the geographic location of an object, such as a tool or a car, so that the object can be located in a short period of time, whether the need is for  planning of future use or because you need the asset here and now. The Tracker Gadget is not designed to follow the location of people as this is of secondary interest in this context. However, it is the employees’ phones that submit the information about the tool’s location. This happens every time an action is performed by an employee and each time an employee’s phone comes into contact with a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip. In this way, we have updated data about the location of the tool without any staff having to do extra work and without the company having to invest in positioning technology that requires new infrastructures, batteries, etc. At the same time, we have GPS based tracking devices that can be used on equipment where this is desirable, often on slightly more expensive equipment, in cars etc.

We also use the phone’s location to help the employee find the nearest project and equipment related to this project.


Inventory Gadget Tracker ™ is priced based on your use. The price depends simply on how many employees you have. The solution is billed on a monthly basis and has a cancellation notice period of 30 days.
For the solution to work you must have access to a PC and everyone must have an Iphone or an Android SMART phone. Inventory Gadget Tracker ™ scans many types of bar codes, but we also provide NFC tags if needed. There are of course varying prices for these depending on the intended use and quantity.



Develop’s Inventory Gadget Tracker ™ is available in App Store and Google Play. New versions will based on our market-driven development, we will prioritize further functionality based on feedback we receive from the market.   

For the app to work, you must be registered as a customer with us. You can do this by completing the form below, calling us, or sending an email to We will contact you to complete the details of your customer relationship.




The phone interface is designed to minimize the number of operations needed to keep track of the equipment for which you are responsible.

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If you have questions or suggestions regarding the Inventory Gadget Tracker ™, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you soon.