How to get started and manage users in Gadget Tracker

The Administrator of Inventory Gadget Tracker adds and removes users from the solution. Once an administrator has added a user, this user receives an invitation email and use that to log on to the solution app for the first time. This must be done in order for Gadget Tracker to register and validate the user. Although Admin has registered a user and e-mail has been sent to the appropriate person, Gadget Tracker will still not work for the individual user until the user has responded to the e-mail and established a password. Either way, Admin must firstly enter the name and e-mail address of the users in the company.

However, there is one thing we recommend Admin to do before setting up users, and that is to start with some or all of the tool categories you use in the company. The categories can of course be changed continuously by Admin, but in order for users to add tools, there must be categories. Develop automatically adds the «Miscellaneous Tools» tool category when setting up your company in Gadget Tracker, but you probably have your own categories that you want to use. Examples of categories are «Vehicles», «Electrical Tools», «Compressors», «Data Equipment» etc.

So before we add users, let’s establish some tool categories.

If you want to watch videos of how to use the app instead, click here!


1.  Create a Tool Category – Read on or see video of how it is done

Click on the top of the menu bar on «Tool Categories» or on the gray button that says Tools. Then the tool report opens, which is most likely does not have all the line items shown below.  You will see the «Div Equipment» tab made by Develop the first time you open Tool Categories in Gadget Tracker.






You will get a report like the one on the right, but with fewer categories. You may need just as many, or more, categories defined before you let the users into the solution. As previously stated, you can add and change categories at any time, so you do not need to have all categories ready at the outset, but the categories you create are those that are available to users as they start scanning and entering tools.

To create a new category, press the blue button in the upper right corner, + Add Category.






After clicking the button a small dialogue box will appear, and here you enter the name of your new category. You obviously choose which language you utilize as a naming standard. When done, click the blue button Save in the box. To create a new category, repeat the process.

That’s what it takes to make a category. The Gadget Tracker is immediately updated and the tab now appears for all registered users.



2.  Register new user – read on or see video of how it is done

To register a new user, go to the opening screen and click on «Users» at the top of the menu bar. The report you receive will show all registered users and, as before, click the blue button in the upper right corner. The text of the button is now + Add Users. You must fill the white dialog box that pops up with First Name, Last Name and Email Address. If the user has administrator privileges, you also click the small checkbox with the text Is Admin?

Most people should however not be Admin, just leave the checkbox empty, click Save and repeat the process until you’re done.

If you have several users, Develop can help you read a userlist into Gadget Tracker.



Each time you enter a user, a list shows with the users you have registered.  At the very right end of each line in this this report you will see a small square symbol following the name of the person you have invited. This symbol means that the person has not yet responded to the e-mail invitation sent, and is thereby not yet an active, registered user. As soon as the person responds and establishes his or her password, the symbol disappears and you know that the person is an active user. For security reasons, the invitation is active for 48 hours, then the invitation must be resubmitted. You do this by clicking on the small square icon.

For you as an administrator, this is an easy way to see who has registered and to follow up on those who have not.

If you need to change information about an user in the future, click the pen on the right side of the screen. You can either change name or email address, or you can put the user inactive if for example the person does not work for you anymore.   If the person returns at some point in the future, you can just make the user active and he / she is part of Gadget Tracker again.

In Gadget Tracker also projects are frequently used – see video of they are created here.